Welcome to the CBM CONNECT® co-located with RELIABILITY CONNECT® Conference South Africa 2020 Call for Presentations
9-12 March 2020

In order to submit an abstract for CBM CONNECT® + RELIABLITY CONNECT® Conference South Africa 2020 in Johannesburg, South Africa we will ask you to create an account in our system by clicking "Login" and then clicking "New user? Click here" above. First you will create a "profile" and then you can create one or more submissions. In order to create your profile you will need a high resolution head-shot photo that will appear on the Website, a short bio (three brief sentences that will be used to introduce you before your presentation) and a longer bio for the website. 
Once you create your profile you will click a new button "Submissions". Next you will click "Add new submission". You will then be asked for information about your submission.

  • The type of session [half-day workshop, full-day workshop, 90 minute presentation, 45 minute presentation, 20 minute case study, or 45 minute case study]. We encourage all vendor and consultant presentations to be co-presented with a client as we assess practitioner presentations higher than vendor-only presentations (we do not allow commercial/promotional content). Preference will be given to case-studies, practical and hands-on presentations.
  • The title of the session
  • A description of the session [no more than 300 words]
  • Three key takeaways that attendees will gain from your presentation

Please note that you will be unable to modify your submission, but you will be able to modify your profile.

If you wish to make multiple submissions you will create them all via this account. Abstract submission closes on 25th October and you will be notified by 1st November whether any of your submissions have been accepted.

If you have any questions regarding the submission process please contact:
Becky Partipilo
Conference Director
+1 (239) 600-6828 ext. 3