Wesley Albert
Reliability Services Manager - East
Wesley is a professional engineer with experience supporting asset management, reliability, maintenance and operations for over 15 years. His current role with Acuren is primarily focused on the development and implementation of equipment management at a strategic level. Mr. Albert has worked in a wide variety of industries including: power generation, pulp and paper, forest products, manufacturing, mining, naval, oil and gas & laboratory services. Wesley has also been active with the Canadian Machinery and Vibration Association as a past national board member and is a member of SMRP, and API.
Haider Ali
Machinery Diagnostics Engineer
Engro Fertilizers

Haider Ali holds chancellors silver medal in mechanical engineer degree and has a combined experience of 5 years in rotating machinery diagnostics in addition to maintenance/overhaul experience of turbo machinery (centrifugal compressors and steam turbines) and retrofits of gas-turbine components. He is widely recognized for his work on BCL compressors and tandem dry gas seals installation and troubleshooting. Haider joined Engro Fertilizer in 2013 and has since been the integral part of the diagnostics team for the World’s biggest single train Ammonia Urea complex. Haider is a VA-III certified Vibration analyst.

Tod M Baer
Production Specialist IV - Reliability
Minnkota Power Cooperative Inc.
Tod currently holds the position of Production Specialist IV - Reliability at Minnkota Power’s coal-fired generating facilities located at Center ND. Minnkota Power Cooperative Inc, is a generation and transmission utility which serves 11 member-owner cooperatives located in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota. Tod has been working in the reliability centered maintenance field since 1983 at the facility. His current responsibilities are managing and overseeing the facility’s Reliability Program which includes the PD/PM Program, Loss Elimination, RCA, Asset Control and Care Process. He is very passionate about Pd, PM and RCM, as a practitioner, instructor and mentor in the fields of vibration, lubrication, ultrasonics, thermography, RCFA and precision maintenance. In the mid 1980’s he was the driving force in the development and implementation of Minnkota Power’s Pd/PM program, and supervised Minnkota’s Pd/PM team. In the 1990’s, using information obtained from the Pd/PM, CMMS and RCA programs Tod justified the need to adapt precision maintenance philosophies into the facility’s maintenance program. Today, Minnkota Power’s, Asset Reliability Maintenance Program, incorporates most maintenance philosophies and technologies. The evolving 40 year old maintenance program has been very successful and has played an important role in the power plants’ success as a cost effective, reliable energy producer. The program and the individuals championing the program have served as a guidepost to others seeking similar results.
Mark Barnes
Vice President, Reliability Services
Des-Case Corporation

Mark Barnes serves as Vice President of the Des-Case Reliability Services team. In this role, Mark and his team of lubrication experts help educate end-users on the value of precision lubrication to asset reliability and provide support to help asset intensive company’s change the way they perform lubrication. Prior to joining Des-Case, Mark was Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Noria Corporation with complete responsibility for all lubrication and oil analysis training and consulting activities. Mark has been an active consultant and educator in the maintenance and reliability field for 23 years and has worked with clients around the world to design and implement lubrication improvement plans. Mark is a frequently invited speaker at maintenance conference around the globe and has won awards for his ability to inspire companies to change the way they think, act and feel about lubrication.

Mark holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from The University of Southampton, UK and is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) from SMRP (Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals). His list of current and former clients includes ExxonMobil, Chevron, Citgo, Cargill, International Paper, EDF, Heinz, Georgia Pacific, Coors, Southern Power, Alcoa, General Mills, Kellogg, Weyerhaeuser, Nissan and Lubrizol.
Jay Bowen
Bowen & Associates, LLC
Jay has been involved in the electrical construction trades since 1977. He has been utilizing infrared thermography in varied applications since the mid-90s, serving as a nation-wide instructor and consultant since 1998. Jay holds a Wisconsin Masters Electrical certificate, Wisconsin Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification, and a Wisconsin State designer’s license in electrical systems and an Associate’s Degree in Electronics Technology. He was a contributor to the NFPA CEST development. He has developed and taught classes in all thermography applications of electrical, mechanical, process sue, gas detection, quality control, insulation integrity, moisture intrusion, air flow, and efficient building science. Jay is a popular speaker for applications of thermography. He has presented at many ResNet and Wisconsin Energy Conservation conferences, and National Weatherization conferences, the Black Hills Power Summit, Doble power conferences, InfraMation conferences, The Energy Out West conferences and ACI conferences.
Andrew Costain
GM, Reliability Engineering

Andrew Costain is the General Manager of Reliability Engineering for Acuren in North America. He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, is a registered Professional Engineer in Canada, and is an expert in equipment vibration diagnostics and troubleshooting. He has over 2 decades of experience in various corrective action techniques, including structural modifications (tuning) and dynamic balancing. Andrew has directed the implementation of condition monitoring programs and equipment maintenance planning at various heavy industrial, manufacturing and commercial facilities in North America, as well as numerous equipment monitoring, data analysis, and correction projects for clients globally. More recently, Andrew has held senior reliability positions including Director of Reliability & Principal Engineer, managing reliability projects in a cross section of industries, in addition to supporting large corporate clients on companywide maintenance and reliability strategies and implementation of these programs. Working as part of the Acuren Team, Andrew is focusing on identifying new and innovative technology in the maintenance and reliability of static and rotating assets. The goal of this effort is to improve equipment reliability at reduced costs to his clients.

Scott Dow
Training Manager
SPM Instrument
Paul Dufresne
President and CEO
Reliability Playbook
Paul Dufresne is a Reliability Advisor and Coach for Reliability Playbook. Paul has over 25 years of experience in the military and various industries with a primary focus on improving operations, maintenance, and reliability functions. Paul serves as chairman of the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals Best Practices Committee. He is a member of the Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers and the Industry Council for Machinery Lubrication. He holds credentials through STLE as Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS); through SMRP as Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) and Technician (CMRT); through the Association for Facilities Engineering as Certified Plant Maintenance Manager (CPMM); and through the Association of Asset Management Professionals as Certified Reliability Leader (CRL). Paul is certified in predictive maintenance technologies such as vibration analysis and thermography. He has written several articles and technical white papers, and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences. Paul is a Distinguished Military Graduate from the University of Central Florida.
Carl Eyman
Reliability Point, LLC
Carl has been involved in the technology of vibration monitoring and analysis since founding Measurements, LLC in 1978. He considers himself incredibly fortunate in having the opportunity to work with the giants of the industry over the years as customers and collaborators, and on machinery ranging from 5000 HP drainage pumps trying to keep New Orleans dry to printing presses in Washington DC basements spitting out sheets of $20 bills. He was an early champion of analyst certification with the Vibration Institute and a member of the ASNT vibration certification committee. In 2007, as part of the sale of the Measurements PdM service organization, he joined Azima/DLI for 3 years. In 2010 he left Azima and returned to Reliability Point LLC, where he is still doing machinery protection and analysis work for a wide range of industries on a daily basis.
Alan Friedman
Senior Instructor
Mobius Institute

Alan Friedman is the founder / CEO of Zenco. I specialize in vibration monitoring program audits and on-site vibration analysis training. I provide on-site vibration analysis training and mentoring. I’m also available for vibration monitoring product development support, wireless sensors, diagnostics, analytics etc. I have 27+ years experience in vibration monitoring and have trained thousands of students worldwide at ISO 18436-2 Cat 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Suri Ganeriwala, PhD
Dr. Suri Ganeriwala is the founder and President of SpectraQuest Inc. Suri has over 30 years of industrial and academic experience in machinery vibration diagnostics and control, signal processing and viscoelastic materials characterisation. Suri has worked for Philip Morris, Firestone and Martin Marietta Aerospace. He has developed a unique method of instruction using the SpectraQuest machinery fault simulator (MFS), which is his creation from concept to completion. He has authored over 50 papers and articles in journals, magazines, conference proceedings and books. He obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, USA. Suri serves on the MFPT Board of Directors and is Leader of the Signal Analysis Forum.
Ray Garvey
R&D Engineer
I-care Reliability Inc.
Ray is an engineer and inventor named on two dozen US patents associated with oil analyzers, infrared thermography, machine monitoring, and composite structures. Ray is known for his participation in developing CSI 5100 and CSI 5200 minilabs. Ray received his BS Degree from West Point and MS degree from the University of Tennessee. His professional certifications have included Professional Engineer (PE), Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), and US Army Engineer (LTC retired). Ray worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers, US DOE Uranium Gas Centrifuge Program, CSI Emerson Process Management, I-care Reliability Inc., and Spectro Scientific.
Maureen Gribble
Director of Marketing
UE Systems
Maureen Gribble is a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional with over 12 years of experience working in and supporting the reliability community. She has spent the last 6 years working at UE Systems helping to promote ultrasound as a critical technology in her customer's journeys towards improved condition monitoring of assets. She focuses a great deal of her time on providing education on not only ultrasound but all aspects of successful reliability programs. She is a volunteer with the Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals and recently served as the chair of their conference committee.
Jeff Hay
RDI Technologies
Jeff Hay, PhD is the founder and CEO of RDI Technologies. He is the inventor and visionary behind the Iris M platform that allows you to amplify and measure motion with the use of video. His products are moving industrial vibration to the visual spectrum. His passion is using his background in applied optical technology to change the way you see machinery and maintenance.
Michael Johnson
Sr. Vibration Engineer
Michael S. Johnson P. E. is a former Naval Officer (Nuclear Propulsion) and is currently a Senior Vibration Engineer at AzimaDLI. Michael joined Azima DLI in 1992, is responsible for maintaining the Expert Automated Diagnostic System (EADS) rule base, and teaches the advanced course in setting up and using the Expert System. He is a licensed Mechanical Engineer in Washington State.
Chester Kennedy
Recently named by Orlando Magazine as one of the 50 most powerful people in the region and a “Game Changer” by the Orlando Business Journal, Chester N. Kennedy continues to exercise his passion for technology and his love for the Central Florida region through his leadership of BRIDG.
As BRIDG Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy expands on his 35 years of aerospace and commercial electronics industries experience through focus on building R&D capabilities and microelectronics fabrication infrastructure, which are key to facilitating partnerships that transition industry into the new era driven by smart sensors innovation and the Internet of Things.
Prior to joining BRIDG, Kennedy operated a national consulting company focused on helping organizations understand the opportunities and possible disruptive threats that the accelerating pace of technology evolution presents to a variety of traditional industries. Before founding his consulting company, Kennedy spent 30 years at Lockheed Martin and its heritage organizations. During his diverse three-decade tenure at Lockheed Martin, Kennedy worked every phase of the program life cycle – from concept development though capture, development and production. His experience spans from basic engineering roles to numerous management positions within engineering, business development, and program management. He spent several years working a strategic assignment on the corporate staff. He is a graduate of many executive development programs and spent the last 12 years of his Lockheed Martin career serving at the Vice President level in four different organizational combinations within the corporation; most recently as Vice President and Chief Engineer of Training and Logistics Solutions at Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training.
In addition to his passion for the region and the transformative power of technology to improve lives, Kennedy is a huge advocate for STEM-based education. His commitment is proven through his engagement on numerous boards and his sincere desire to create opportunities for others.
Kennedy holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Florida Institute of Technology. In his spare time, Kennedy loves spending time both on the water and in the air. He is a dedicated general aviation pilot and a lifelong student of the intersections of technology, business growth, and economic impact.
Ron Kittle
Managing Director
SPM Instrument Inc.
Ron has over 20 years of experience in the maintenance and reliability fields, primarily focusing on condition monitoring products related to vibration analysis across many industries. Ron has extensive experience in wireless and on-line condition monitoring systems, most recent notable work in the wind energy and mining industries. Ron's career started in the US Army where he spent time as a Combat Vehicle Mechanic. Other early career experiences include oil analysis on high voltage transformers and work in the power generation plants where he began focusing on predictive maintenance techniques. Ron has studied electronics at the National Institute of Electronics, holding many certifications in predictive maintenance technologies such as thermography and vibration analysis. Ron is Managing Director for SPM Instrument Inc. USA, a global leader in condition monitoring that exclusively develops and markets all the advanced technologies to measure, analyze and present condition data from complex machinery.
Renard Klubnik
Technical Services Manager
Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies
Renard Klubnik is the senior applications engineer for Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies where he is the primary technical resource for worldwide sales activities. He routinely identifies and provides technical solutions related to the proper selection and implementation of Wilcoxon’s accelerometer and transmitter products. He has been involved in the predictive maintenance arena and vibration sensing technology for most of his 40 plus years in the industry. He spent several years as a consultant directing client companies in their efforts to implement reliability based solutions at the plant floor level. He is also an accomplished lecturer presenting material on topics such as basic vibration, piezoelectric sensors use and calibration, machine spectrum analysis and digital signal analysis.
Chris Kramm
Senior Sales Operations Leader, Wind and Hydro
Bently Nevada

For over a decade Chris Kramm has worked around the globe in the industry of vibration sensing and condition monitoring at Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies, GE Renewable Energy, and Bently Nevada. Now at Bently, Chris drives the the Bently Nevada product line by providing strategic product and sales leadership for hardware, software, and services offerings in the Wind and Hydro power generation markets. At Wilcoxon, Chris managed new technology and product development activities for condition monitoring products offered across a broad range of industries, including Wind. He later served as Product Manager of Wilcoxon's Industrial product line, where he was instrumental in defining and developing a new generation of digital condition monitoring sensors and transmitters. At GE Renewable Energy’s Onshore Wind business Chris served as the Condition Monitoring Systems Product Manager and was responsible for setting the strategic direction and development of vibration monitoring hardware, software, and analytics, working closely with GE’s Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics team to improve automation and efficiencies. This integration allowed the number of wind turbines under monitoring to grow, increasing from 6,500 to 12,000. Chris was also instrumental in the development of GE’s Wind turbine gearbox analytics, which represented a significant leap forward in automated detectability of wind turbine bearing and gearing faults.

Christine LaFave Grace
Managing Editor, Plant Services
Putman Media
Christine LaFave Grace joined Plant Services as managing editor in 2015. She is a co-founder of Putman Media’s Influential Women in Manufacturing program. Previously, LaFave Grace worked as an editor at Technomic and at Crain Communications’ Modern Healthcare magazine, among other publications. She has a BA in journalism from Indiana University-Bloomington.
Christer Larsson
Academy Trainer
SPM Instrument

Christer Larsson, born 1968 in Sweden, has a work background as a mechanical engineer working for car manufacturer Volvo Cars, electric utility provider Eon ES, and ABB Motor & Generator Services. Since November 2015, he is the Head of SPM Academy training at SPM Instrument. Christer has thirty years of experience in condition monitoring, including an extensive understanding of machine tooling equipment and high precision spindles. He has done vibration and electrical motor diagnoses on-shore, off-shore, underground, and in the air, for a wide range of machines. He is a Mobius Institute instructor since 2005 and is CAT IV certified.

Tom Murphy
Corporate Training Manager
SDT Ultrasound Solutions
Name: Thomas J. Murphy Resident: Manchester, England Job Title: Managing Director, Reliability Team Limited; SDT International Training Manager Education:Bachelor degree in Electroacoustics, University of Salford Status:Member of Institute of Acoustics (MIOA); Chartered Engineer (C. Eng.); Certified Reliability Leader (CRL Experience:34 years experience in the application of noise and vibration to a wide range of industry around the world; 22 years experience in infrared technology; 17 years experience in ultrasound; Facilitator in FMEA and RCA projects Current work:ASNT Level 1 and Level 2 ultrasound trainer; ISO TC108 national technical representative; Implementation training on ultrasound and predictive programmes to industry around the world. Author:Co-author, Murphy, T.J., Rienstra, A.A, Hear More, A Guide to Using Ultrasound for Leak Detection and Condition Monitoring. ISBN-13: 978-0982516331; Technical papers and articles presented and printed in many countries around the world.
Ori Negri
Senior Researcher
Ori is a research scientist with extensive experience in noise in electronic systems, signal processing algorithms, and solid state physics. Prior to joining Augury, Ori was a researcher and a lecturer at the Technion Israel Institute of technology. In this period Ori developed a novel detection system for quantum noise measurements and researched electrical noise in superconductors. Ori also worked several years at Philips Healthcare as a physicist. Ori holds a Ph.D. in physics and a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology.
Danny Newton
Principal Predictive Maintenance Tech Specialist
Savannah River Remediation's Co
Jerald (Danny) Newton is a Principal Predictive Maintenance Tech Specialist, with the Savannah River Remediation’s Co (SRR). This company supports the environmental cleanup at one of the largest Department of Energy (DOE) sites located in South Carolina. The DOE site has a footprint of 310 square miles and is located on the Savannah River, boarding Georgia. He has worked at this site for over 39 years. During this time, he has served as a Maintenance Mechanic/Welder, Engineering QC/QA Welding Inspector Specialist, and for the last 24 years in the SRS PdM Program. He has obtained an ISO Category III Certification, Vibration Analyst, from Technical Associates of Charlotte, NC. For the past 14 years, he has been the PdM Lead, for testing support at the SRR Full Tank Test Facility, at SRS. This facility is the only one of its kind in the United States for testing of long shaft mixer pumps, in a simulated waste tank environment. His recent accomplishments include the approval, procurement, and implantation of the SRR / PdM Wireless Monitoring Program.
Howard Penrose
MotorDoc LLC
Howard W Penrose, PhD, CMRP is the President of MotorDoc LLC and the Past Chair of SMRP. He is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) and specializes in electric machinery system reliability, quality assurance and machine design.
Mark Richardson
President & CEO
Vibrant Technology, Inc.
Mark Richardson received his B.S. (1964), M.S. (1966), and Ph.D. (1970), all in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana. In 1969, Mark joined Systems Control, Inc., Palo Alto, California, as a consulting engineer. At SCI, he worked on client problems in the areas of dynamics & control systems, operations research, and systems analysis. In 1973, he joined Hewlett Packard Co. in Santa Clara, California. As an engineering project leader, he directed the development of the first commercially available FFT-based modal testing system, introduced by Hewlett Packard in 1974. Later, he directed the development of the first dedicated modal testing instrument, the Hewlett Packard 5423A Structural Dynamics Analyzer. The 5423A became one of HP's top revenue producing instruments during the 1979 to 1984 years. In 1979, he co-founded Structural Measurement Systems, Inc. and was President and CEO. SMS marketed mechanical testing software. The popular StarModal and StarStruct packages were used for analyzing structural noise and vibration problems. By 1989, SMS had over 40 employees and a worldwide sales force. In May 1989, SMS was sold to GenRad, Inc., Concord, Massachusetts. In 1991, Mark co-founded Vibrant Technology, Inc. in Jamestown, California, and is currently its President and CEO. In 2016, the company moved its headquarters from California to Centennial, Colorado. Since its founding, Vibrant has developed and sold the ME'scope family of post-test noise and vibration analysis software tools. ME'scope is sold worldwide through a network of sales representatives and OEM suppliers.
Martin Robinson
For over 30 years, Martin Robinson has been a pioneer in the field of condition based maintenance technology. Mr. Robinson continues to be an innovator and pioneer the technological benefits of Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies (CAST) such as infrared, ultrasound. Partial discharge testing, etc.… and the use of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD’s) in electrical maintenance programs. Mr. Robinson has met with, consulted, or advised international maintenance and reliability leaders on electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) and electrical safety standards of NFPA and OSHA.
Matt Rubin
Field Operations Manager
4x Diagnostics
Matt Rubin has 5 years of advanced diagnostic measurement and analysis experience and is skilled in vibration data collection on rotating machinery, acceptance testing, floor vibration studies, Operational Deflections Shape and Modal Analysis testing. He is proficient using CSI portable analyzers including the 2140 and online instruments including the 4500, 6500, XP-32 and 2600. Matt analyzes vibration data using CSI AMS Suite MHM software, writes reports summarizing test results, and makes recommendations for corrective actions. Matt is a certified, Category II vibration analyst.
Michael Schunk
Design and Rotor Balance Engineer
Parametric Solutions
Mike is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New York and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition, he has a MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and holds the certifications of Category III Vibration Analyst and Category I Balancing Technician, per ISO standards. Mike has 17 years of experience in working with rotating equipment, performing duties such as product & tooling design, controls (PLC), product testing, and field service troubleshooting. He began his career Cameron Compression’s Centrifugal Division (now Ingersoll Rand). From there he moved on to become a Reliability Engineer for Praxair’s air separation, liquid hydrogen, and liquid CO2 market segments. Currently Mike is a design and rotor balance engineer for jet engines with Parametric Solutions, Inc. in Jupiter FL. Mike particularly enjoys developing intuitive visual, and whenever possible “hands on,” explanations for machinery phenomena, as opposed to rigorous mathematical ones. He has found such approaches beneficial to himself as well as others during training and problem solving. Through the combination of his work and studies, Mike continuously strives to build “The Business Case for Reliability.”
Jeff Shiver
People and Processes Inc.
Jeff Shiver CMRP, CPMM, Certified RCM2 & RCM3 Practitioner
Jeff Shiver guides people and organizations to success in the Reliability Best Practices. Working together in partnership, we move beyond the status quo in culture, business results, and most importantly, people.
Jeff has over 25 years of practitioner experience. Within Mars North America, he worked at four plant locations and held two corporate roles. Job functions included Engineering, Maintenance, and Operations management. Before Mars, he held contract engineering positions at Proctor and Gamble, and IBM.
Founding People and Processes, Inc. in 2006, Jeff is a trusted advisor for the Maintenance and Reliability community. He is a conference speaker, thought leader, published in domestic and international trade journals, and co-author of “Kitting in Maintenance.” He is also the Membership Services Director for the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP).
Ed Spence
Founder and President
The Machine Instrumentation Company
Ed Spence is the Founder and President of The Machine Instrumentation Group, a collaborative network of product and service providers dedicated to enabling machine OEMs, builders and operators to instrument their own equipment for condition monitoring. Network competencies include predictive analytics for the development of health indicators, custom sensor development and deployable condition monitoring solutions. Ed was previously the Marketing Manager for Analog Devices MEMS Sensor Technology Group, where he defined the accelerometer roadmap for Condition Monitoring.
Adam Stredel
Applications Engineer
Adam Stredel is an applications engineer at LUDECA, Inc. in Doral, Florida. He has many years of experience in rotating machinery with 5+ years in laser shaft alignment and training. He has visited over 60 industrial sites, conducted many alignment seminars and trainings in the United States and the Caribbean. Adam has performed numerous field jobs related to alignment of rotating equipment, bore and turbine alignment, geometric measurement, monitoring positional changes, etc. Adam obtained his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2007 and an M.B.A. in 2015 at the Florida International University, Miami, FL. He is a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) and holds a Level I Ultrasound Certification.
Dennis Swanepoel
Lead Technician
Dennis started his career attaining his National Diploma(S4) in Mechanical Engineering and becoming a Performance and Testing Technician in the Power Generation Industry. He has been in the field of Condition Monitoring for the past 16 years. He started out as an apprentice and improvee his knowledge in condition monitoring in various industries and becoming involved in training. In his first years in condition monitoring Dennis was certified by Technical Associates as a trainer for their courses and started specializing in ODS and Modal Analysis. He has worked in various industries and is qualified in vibration, thermography and oil analysis. He also specializes in operational deflection shape analysis. Currently his main duties is shared between starting up new service contracts, Special Investigations, Training (Mobius Training Partner). His most recent achievement was to pass the Mobius CAT IV course and starting up two service contracts in the Power Generation Industry that include vibration, thermography, oil analysis, alignment.
Jason Tranter
Founder and CEO
Mobius Institute

Jason Tranter is the founder and Managing Director of Mobius Institute. Jason is the author of the majority of the Mobius Institute training courses and e-learning products covering reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance topics. Titles include iLearnReliability, iLearnVibration, iLearnAlignment, and iLearnBalancing. Vibration analysis classroom and distance learning courses follow ISO 18436-2 Category I – IV. Mr. Tranter has been involved with this field of work since 1984. He has worked with people in a variety of industries to help improve reliability and implement successful condition monitoring programs. He is an Australian delegate to ISO TC 108/SC5 “Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems”. Jason has written numerous articles and presented at conferences around the world. Jason has also been awarded “best presenter” at numerous conferences, including at the previous two Euromaintenance conferences. Thousands of people have viewed Jason’s Webinars and YouTube videos on the Mobius YouTube channel. Mobius Institute has training centers in over 60 countries, and also provides certification through the ISO/IEC 17024 accredited organization, Mobius Institute Board of Certification. Mobius has direct offices in Australia, Europe and the United States with over 20 employees.

John Waldron
Application Engineer
Studied Mechanical Engineering and German Language at Temple University. Has worked with Pruftechnik for 6.5 years doing alignment and vibration services, technical support, and sales throughout a variety of industrial environments. Currently a category 3 vibration analyst through Mobius Institute. Looking to achieve category 4 in 2019.
Dean Whittle
Managing Director
Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd

Mr. Dean Whittle is the founder and managing director of Reliability Maintenance Solutions (RMS) Ltd. based in the United Kingdom. During Mr. Whittle's more than 36-year career he has held various roles in electro/mechanical engineering ranging a five-year apprenticeship through various shop floor/field services roles to district manager for a world-leading supplier of Reliability-Based and Condition-Based Maintenance products and services. During the past twenty-five years he has been committed to implementing plant reliability and condition monitoring improvement programs throughout UK industry; covering power, paper, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, quarries, film/plastic, food, electronic, service and engineering manufacturing industries.

Mr. Whittle shares his expertise as an approved trainer for both the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) and Mobius Institute ISO-18436 accreditation programmes, and as a speaker at a number of conferences.

Additionally, Mr. Whittle is an active member in a number of accredited institutes and committees:

  • ISO TC108 / SC5 Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics of Machine Systems
  • Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC) Technical Committee
  • The British Institute of NDT Council Member
  • The British Institute of NDT Condition Monitoring Technical Committee
  • The British Institute of NDT Vibration Analysis Working Group
  • British Standards Institute – BSi Technical sub-committee GME/21/5 - Mechanical vibration and shock and Condition monitoring - Vibration of machines

British Standards Institute – BSi Technical sub-committee GME/21/7 Mechanical vibration and shock and Condition monitoring - Condition monitoring.

Dale Winterhoff
Manager, Technical Solutions
Dale is an accomplished Technical Manager with a diverse background in a variety of disciplines that include 10 years in nuclear power generation, 15 years in petroleum refining, and 5 years in fine chemical production. He is technically proficient in the installation, operation, and maintenance of a diverse selection of both fixed and rotating equipment and has proven track record in equipment reliability, maintenance optimization, and utility efficiency enhancement projects. Currently Dale is the Manager, Technical Solutions for the Tier 1 Reliability Team within the Flowserve Services and Solutions group. He concentrates in providing value to clients through comprehensive field reliability audits and by resolving critical and/or complex system problems through the execution of technically challenging and unique field assessments. Dale has had a lead role in the development and application of Flowserve’s IPS Wireless Technology . He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois and specialized in direct energy conversion processes.
DJ Winterhoff
Application Engineer
Trilion Quality Systems
DJ is a disciplined Applications Engineer specializing in the use of digital image correlation to solve complex problems in the Aerospace, automotive, power, and oil refining industries. He focuses on collecting data in support of customer need for complex analytics. Routinely works to resolve production concerns to validate design in real life field scenarios. He has developed testing methods for long term structural monitoring. DJ holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics with a concentration in nano-technology from Shippensburg University.
Evan Zabawski
Senior Technical Advisor
I am a Certified Lubrication Specialist. I have extensive experience training tradesmen and professionals in a variety of fields including: lubrication fundamentals, contamination control, condition monitoring, RCM/FMEA and used oil analysis. I have been a member of STLE for over 20 years, serving as Chair of the Alberta Section for 8 years, and also as an instructor of the Condition Monitoring course at STLE Annual Meetings. Currently, I am Editor of TLT Magazine, and have served as the Editor for The STLE Alberta Section's Basic Handbook of Lubrication - Third Edition, and contributed as one of the editors for STLE/CRC's Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume II: Theory and Design, Second Edition. I have published several technical papers and am also a member in good standing of API and ASTM.